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For months the Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford refused to admit that he smoked crack cocaine. Even though the Police chief stated that he had video evidence of the Mayor smoking crack and others said that the Mayor was a crack user. He said that he may have smoked the drug a year ago during a drunken stupor and did not remember doing anything illegal. And he also said that he was not an “addict” and never had a problem in the past. Despite the Mayors admittance of his drug use while in office and the citizens calling for his resignation Mr Ford refuses to step down as Mayor of Toronto.

He is not the only Political figure that has been ‘caught in the act” and refused to leave office. Sadly many Politicians in the United States have been in either very public scandals or convicted of illegal or ethical activities and refused to leave office.

Another example is Bob Filner, former Mayor of San Diego. He was facing multiple accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct with many women that worked either directly or indirectly with him. During the months that these accusations were coming forward the evidence looked overwhelming against Mr ‘s favor. Petitions and protest called for his resignation. After being pressured Politically he finally resigned on August 30.

Other Politicians during the recent years have been in scandals, and refused to resign from their Political Politicians, or withdrawing from the races they were in.

Some notables are Anthony Weiner (D) NY Sexting, Charlie Rangel (D) NY  Convicted of Tax Evasion, Barney Frank (D) Mass Boyfriend ran Prostitution business out of office. Others like Nancy Pelosi (D) Calif ethics violations, Richard Blumenthal (D)Conn lied about serving in Vietnam.

These are a few of the many Politicians on all levels that have been caught up in Political scandals and thought they were above the law and refused to resign from their positions. Fortunately many were not reelected in the next elections, but for some strange reason too many were kept in office even after overwhelming evidence supported their convictions.

Why do these individuals think they are above the law? These men and women should follow the same rules as other Americans. How can they think they can this nation when their personal lives are out of control? Probably because many Americans turn a blind eye towards their antics. Maybe if these elected officials knew that America will not tolerate their behaviors they would stop and think before they react. But as long as America sits around and does no act when our Political leaders breaking the law nothing will change.

This goes even for the President of this nation as many of them broke many federal laws and still kept their jobs. Politics played a part of why they were never impeached or arrested and probably goes the same for some of these other politicians. jail_the_corrupt_politicians1-300x162