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It is bad enough that Obama care has screwed up the American workforce by making it difficult for our American companies to employ full-time employees because of the cost of health care and moving many of them into part-time status just so they can keep their company running efficiently.

Now Comrade Obama and his genius of a health care system is starting to make its way to our first responders.

Our nation’s fire departments are impatiently waiting to hear from the IRS if their departments volunteers have to pay for the volunteers medical insurance under Obama care.

This is another blow to the American people where their fire departments may be forced into providing insurance for their volunteer firefighters or lay them off and risk the safety of their citizens because of inadequate coverage. What this will do is create a financial hardship for these companies and the communities that support them will be forced into raising taxes to offset the cost of providing insurances to their firefighters.

When are the American people going to finally speak up and demand that Obama care be repealed so it doesn’t continue to hurt this nation. The facts prove that Obama care is not going to work effectively over the long-term. We have seen evidence of the failures of Obama care since its release on October 1st.

America must step up and force our legislators into either repealing Obama care, or removing Obama from his position as the President of this nation because apparently he has no idea on how to lead a nation effectively.

Here is part of the story I am referring to courtesy of Fox News,

Fire departments and other emergency squads say they are still waiting to learn from the IRS whether they will have to pay for volunteers’ medical insurance under ObamaCare and that having to cover such costs would really hurt many small-budget operations.

President Obama’s signature health-care law requires businesses with more than 50 full-time employees to provide health insurance for them. However, whether the IRS considers volunteers full-time employees remains unclear, in part because some receive a stipend or other financial incentives.

“At this point, it’s pretty much wait and see,” Michael Berg, president of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad in Virginia, told The Daily Progress. “We’re an all-volunteer organization. …. There’s a lot of speculation.”

Volunteer groups around the country — which operate in more rural areas and rely largely on fundraisers and donations to buy fire trucks and other rescue equipment — have gotten some bipartisan help from Capitol Hill.

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, a Democrat, and Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta, a Republican, have sponsored legislation to exempt volunteer fire, medical and rescue personnel from full-time status.

“This is just another example of how ObamaCare was not well thought out,” Barletta said. “So, we’re left to try to pave over the potholes. And this is a big one — possibly affecting fire stations nationwide,” Barletta said Dec. 11 upon introducing the Protecting Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Responders Act.

He also said that classifying volunteers as full-time employees could result in “unbearable financial burdens” for agencies and is “threatening public safety.”

Barletta said he wrote the IRS in November requesting clarifications.

The legislation has support from the National Volunteer Fire Council and the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

“Agencies don’t have the resources to provide health benefits to their volunteers, and individual volunteers have no expectation of receiving such benefits from the agencies they serve,” said NVFC Chairman Philip C. Stittleburg.

The Obama administration this summer delayed the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s so-called “employer mandate” until 2015. It was supposed to start Jan. 1, 2014, but was delayed to give officials more time to simplify the regulations.

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Columbus Georgia –  If your house was on fire who or what would you save? I would save my wife and sons first, a no brainer. Then, only then if the house isn’t engulfed in flames by then I would probably grab my laptop. But that is where I would draw the line.

But a man who needs the help of a cane to walk rushed back into his Columbus Georgia home to save his beer. Yes I said it to save his precious beer.

The fire is said to have started in the water heater while the man Walter Serpit, five other adults and two children were watching the television last Thursday evening.

The man did claim that it was a dumb idea to rush back into the house to retrieve his beer. Especially since the door slammed behind him while the house was burning around him.

He did manage to safely escape the burning house with beer in hand.

Must have been imported beer.