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On July 16, 1964, a white off-duty New York City police lieutenant fatally shot a black ninth-grader in Harlem on allegations that the teenager had a knife and was lunging at the officer.

While the details of exactly what happened that day are still hotly contested and debated, it would seem that the event was racially motivated. It triggered a wave of riots that not only consumed New York City, but spread to cities like Rochester, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Chicago, Illinois; and Jersey City, New Jersey — all of which were influenced, in part, by allegations of local police brutality.

As the nation continues to deal with instances of alleged aggressive policing, such as recent allegations of a California Highway Patrol officer striking a confused or mentally ill woman on the side of a freeway and the aftermath of New York City’s escalated use of “stop & frisk,” however, questions of the proliferation of police brutality remain relevant.

Examples — such as the April arrest and assault of Neykeyia Parker by a Houston police officer for trespassing 10 feet in front of Parker’s front door, June’s racially-charged vice raid at the Copper Tan and Spa in Chicago, in which the spa’s owner was slapped and insulted by the police while being handcuffed, and the May incident in Georgia in which a baby was severely burned by a “flash bang” grenade thrown by a Special Response Team during a botched late night raid — highlight the growing demand, particularly in minority communities, to address the modern-day role and liability of the police.

At the heart of the events 50 years ago in Harlem was the question of how a police lieutenant with 17 years of experience with the New York Police Department and 16 years of wartime military experience could not control the situation without the use of deadly force — especially considering the officer was nearly twice the size of the teenager and the teenager was only armed with a knife.

On that day, the superintendent of a residential building in a predominately white neighborhood became irate with the black students sitting on the stoops of the building. Allegedly yelling racial epithets, the superintendent turned a hose on the students. As they responded by throwing cans and bottles at the superintendent, one student — James Powell, 15, a passerby who was not part of the group on the stoops — chased the superintendent into the building.

These events were witnessed by Lt. Thomas Gilligan, who had been at a nearby shop. Gilligan ran to the building and fired a warning shot through a window. Alleging that Powell emerged with a knife in his hand, Gilligan fired a second shot through Powell’s forearm and into the teenager’s chest, then a third into his abdomen. While Gilligan would ultimately be exonerated of any wrongdoing in this case he was charged as a concession to stop the riots, which grew out of the police’s control, the situation touched off frustrations that would ultimately lead to more than 4,000 residents of Harlem and Bedford-Stuyvesant rioting for six nights, resulting in 118 injuries, one death and 465 arrests.

In the 50 years since this tragedy, police brutality continues to be a national problem, with both the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terror” being used as rationale for the police to take a stronger crime prevention role, complete with the federal government providing many local police forces with military weapons and vehicles.

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Another example of a police state that Comrade Obama is seeking to create in this nation. And in this particular case race is a factor, but in the big picture race, sex, country of origin, immigration status, even sexual preferences are not safe to the Socialist society that is being formed right before our very eyes.

A new investigation found that of 56,922 people stopped and frisked by the Miami Gardens Police Department, 8,489 were children. HuffPost Live talks to some of those—as young as 11—who were stopped.

Originally aired on June 10, 2014


A community newspaper in New York faced intense criticism Sunday for calling President Obama the N-word in a headline.

The West View News, a small paper that touts itself as “The Voice of the West Village,” ran an op-ed column in its July edition titled “The Nig–r in the White House.”The article, penned by James Lincoln Collier, was actually pro-Obama and criticized what it called “racism” by far-right voters.

Also read: NY Times Public Editor Calls Out Newspaper’s Iraq Coverage Possibly fearing backlash, the paper did not put the article on its website.

But a copy of it was posted online by the New York Post, along with a screen grab of another story by West View News Columnist Alvin Hall, who criticized the article.In a rebuttal titled ”This Headline Offends Me,” Hall wrote, “I don’t see how its use benefits anyone, but I do feel all too clearly how it deeply offends me.”Also read: Joan Rivers Storms Out of CNN Interview: ‘Shut Up!’ VideoReaction on Twitter was just as negative, with user Donna Bee asking, “How do you refer to Jews, Mexicans, Muslims and Asians? Just curious.”

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Another prime example of the fall of the Republic of The United States of America! Soon Americans will be second in all categories when it comes to immigrants

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC has filed suit against a Wisconsin-based manufacturer for firing employees of Hmong and Hispanic employees because they don’t speak English on the job.

The EEOC says it’s a matter of discrimination based on an employee’s “national origin, which includes the linguistic characteristics of a national origin group.” In this case, Wisconsin Plastics, Inc. allegedly violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by firing non-English speakers “based on 10-minute observations that marked them down for their English skills, even though those skills were not needed to perform their jobs.”In other words, those groups’ linguistic characteristics must be honored by employers who typically are more interested in productivity and profit than hurting someone’s feelings during a scheduled work shift because they can’t communicate with them.

It’s not clear what criteria the EEOC used to determine whether speaking English is an essential workplace skill at Wisconsin Plastics.“Our experience at the EEOC has been that so-called ‘English only’ rules and requirements of English fluency are often employed to make what is really discrimination appear acceptable,” EEOC Chicago Regional Attorney John C. Hendrickson offered in the EEOC’s press release earlier this month.

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But if this were in reverse and it was white on black there would be an uproar and Al Sharpton, Oprah and Obama would be crying the blues and saying blacks are treated unfairly in this nation!!.

No arrests have been made as of Friday after an attack on a 10-year-old girl riding a scooter on a Cleveland sidewalk earlier in the week — but police are investigating the assault as a ”hate incident,” said, citing a narrative included with the police report.And the whole thing was reportedly caught on video, noted WOIO-TV in Cleveland, which includes the clip of the alleged attack in its report.In the clip the station said was posted to YouTube a black girl appears to wait for a white girl to ride toward her on the sidewalk…Image source: WOIO-TVImage source: WOIO-TV…then rushes her, hits her in the head, knocks her down, and continues hitting her.Image source: WOIO-TV

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