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Jul 2, 2014
Press Release
No Longer Targeted for Housing Unaccompanied Minors

HAZLETON – Congressman Lou Barletta, PA-11, today announced that the U.S. Committee on Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) has confirmed that it will no longer be considering Hazleton as a possible location for housing unaccompanied minors who have illegally crossed the U.S. border with Mexico.  USCRI President and CEO Lavinia Limon today confirmed to Rep. Barletta’s office that the organization will look elsewhere because of general opposition from the community.  Though she would not discuss other specific sites, Limon did confirm that there are currently no other locations in Pennsylvania under consideration.

“This is welcome news for Hazleton and Pennsylvania,” Barletta said.  “Ever since I made public that the former Min-Sec Center was identified as a possible location for the minors who had crossed our borders illegally, I have been hearing from constituents and community leaders expressing their concern.  I made clear that I agreed with them and was opposed to the plan.  I am glad that our voices have been heard.”

Barletta held a press conference in Hazleton Monday to disclose that he had learned that Min-Sec was on a list of potential housing facilities for unaccompanied minors being assessed by the USCRI.  In originally announcing that Hazleton was under consideration as a relocation site, Barletta explained that he had a number of serious concerns that caused him to oppose the proposal.




The Obama administration continually plays the race card when confronted with political opposition and accusations of impropriety.Holder asked “what attorney general has had to deal with that kind of treatment?” following a pointed exchange with Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican.“I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general, but it is important that we have proper oversight,” Gohmert remarked as Holder weathered questions about the Justice Department’s stonewalling of handing over documents related to the prosecution of a Texas-based Islamic charity.Although not specifically stated, Holder accused Gohmert and the Republicans of picking on him due to the color of his skin.

This was underscored by the fact he complained about his treatment while attending Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.In fact, a large number of federal government bureaucrats, including former Attorney General Janet Reno, have weathered contempt of Congress charges with far less theatrics.

Since 1975, these have included a Secretary of State; a Secretary of Commerce; a Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare; a couple Secretaries of Energy; a Secretary of the Interior; various officials of the EPA; a White House Counsel and a White House Chief of Staff. On Thursday, the House Oversight Committee added to this list of ignobility by voting to hold former IRS Director of Tax Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress.



600x399111First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to monitor their older relatives, friends and co-workers for any racially insensitive comments they might make, and to challenge those comments whenever they’re made.

The first lady spoke on Friday to graduating high school students in Topeka, Kansas, and in remarks released over the weekend, Obama said students need to police family and friends because federal laws can only go so far in stopping racism.

First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to patrol their family members for racially insensitive comments.

“[O]ur laws may no longer separate us based on our skin color, but nothing in the Constitution says we have to eat together in the lunchroom, or live together in the same neighborhoods,” she said. “There’s no court case against believing in stereotypes or thinking that certain kinds of hateful jokes or comments are funny.”

To address these limitations in the law, Obama asked students to take steps to “drag my generation and your grandparents’ generation along with you” in the fight against racism.

“Maybe that starts simply in your own family, when grandpa tells that off-colored joke at Thanksgiving, or you’ve got an aunt [that] talks about ‘those people,’” she said. “Well, you can politely inform them that they’re talking about your friends.696-j3

“Or maybe it’s when you go off to college and you decide to join a sorority or fraternity, and you ask the question, how can we get more diversity in our next pledge class?” she added. “Or maybe it’s years from now, when you’re on the job and you’re the one who asks, do we really have all the voices and viewpoints we need at this table?

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Looks like ‘Reverend’ Al and the Obama sycophants at MSNBC are not too happy about Rush Limbaugh being named ‘Author of the Year’ by the Children’s Book Council. The frequently unintelligible host devoted a segment of his relatively obscure show to mock the win by the conservative talk radio king and call. Sharpton suggested a recount with the voting children being made to produce a photo ID to make sure there was no voter fraud.