Richard Dreyfuss’ Passion About The Constitution and American Exceptionalism Should Fire Everybody Up

Posted: May 14, 2014 in America, Barack Obama, Entertainers, Hollywood, politics
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Hollywood veteran Richard Dreyfuss is known as an eclectic kind of guy when it comes to his political beliefs. That’s why it is really impressive to see him come out so strongly and passionately in favor of The Constitution and American Exceptionalism like he did on Fox News’ Huckabee show.

The star of Close Encounters, Jaws and Mr. Holland’s Opus is doing more than just talking: he has an educational initiative to take American Civics back to the classroom.

Dreyfuss responded to the question: Why do people need to know about our Constitution? Transcript via Newsbusters:

“We were responsible for the greatest revolution in the history of civilization. We gave to 98% of the human race freedoms that they have been lashed for, lost fingers for or had their heads chopped off for and we gave it to them for free and we are the most revolutionary nation that has ever been and ever will be and we don’t know enough about our constitution or our history to know why we should be proud of it.

“George Washington said the constitution should be central, the party should be peripheral. Now we’ve got it all backed around and now the parties are central and The Constitution is peripheral. We don’t know anything about why The Constitution is the most single greatest step toward humans improving civilization since the beginning of man’s sojourn on earth.

… “Whenever you hear someone say American exceptionalism [doesn’t exist], you should turn to that person and say, ‘if you don’t prove that statement, I’m going hit you right in the mouth.’ Because they don’t prove it, and they can’t.”

Obviously, no one does or should take exactly what Dreyfuss said too literally. But one thing that should be taken seriously is the substance of what he said and the emancipatory background of the United States leading incrementally to more freedom for all citizens, and to the liberation of millions abroad.

That legacy of advancing liberty to all mankind is threatened by those who don’t understand the American story, or are opposed to the nation’s unique role in human history.

via Richard Dreyfuss’ Passion About The Constitution & American Exceptionalism Should Fire Everybody Up.

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