melissa-harris-perry-copyLiberal loving news network MSNBC‘s host Melissa Harris-Perry is another reason this news network ( I use the term loosely) is one of the most bias and hypocritical  media outlets in America, if not the world.

Her rant the other days about Obama care being a racial term is just preposterous. Obama care is in no way racist then calling lunch brought in from home “brown-bagging”, or calling someone “boy”. This is just another attempt by the Liberal media to make something of what appears to be just a regular nickname for the Affordable Care Act. So then Reaganomics is racist Melissa? What about the Truman doctrine. Were these racist terms?

Why is it that every time something by a black American is put into the spotlight in a negative way it then is deemed racist? Why because I see it as a distraction from the real issues of Obama care’s failing America and Melissa Harris-Perry upset that a hero of hers is failing so she is trying to make white America look like the villain. Let me ask you this Melissa is President Clinton who have had his healthcare plan pushed through and it failed miserably like Obama care and America Called it Clintoncare would that also be racist in your eyes?

Mr Obama’s Affordable health care plan obviously is a bust, we all know and see this. yet if we criticize it by calling it “Obama care”, after the man who created it then ‘white America” is racist and should be punished. Funny though I have seen and heard many black Americans call it Obama care as well.

Mrs. Perry you are just another journalist out there Liberal America who does not know the differences between bias and unbiased. Like Al Sharpton on your network and Jesse Jackson al of you remind me of ‘whiny babies” who can’t get their way. all of you still use the race card when one of your own people are attacked in the media but sit on your asses when the same happens to a white or latino man.

If you want the black community to be respected in this nation then grow up and be an adult and quit blaming others for your failures and when nothing goes your way.

We are all Americans Melissa Harris-Perry, some of us more patriotic than others and many more with common sense.

Try to be both!

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  2. A not-naive American for change but a very different change but not sure what you think....your opinions are emotional says:

    Info please not empty phrases.

    I am a 61 year old white female living in TX & came across your website & was interested in what an American for change thought of Melissa Harris Perry. When I saw the picture you used I assumed-perhaps unfairly-that you are not a serious person. But you were talking about Obama care & that interests me so I read on. You call Obama care an obvious bust–okay your opinion- but where are your facts?

    I read your section why I write and thank you for your service. And thank you for volunteering with Vets. I volunteer with at risk kids mostly elementary and middle school…not with an organized program but with individual kids as needed. I too consider myself an American for change. But was sad to spend time reading your writing. Zero facts. You know the well-known insulting phrase comparing opinions to a body part. Don’t fall prey to that.

    Perhaps you mean well but if I was grading your website as a middle school project, you would get an incomplete. Organization, graphics, fonts etc. are all fine…although the graphics appear pixelated. BUT where is the content? I didn’t read everything on your site but I did read that people who voted for President Obama are simply dismissed as naive. Too simplistic even for a middle school student. I believe you can do better. It seems like you value hard work….I’ve never stopped working since I was in 10th grade, so I am there with you. Your heart may be in the right place but roll up your sleeves and do the hard work and at least make a small attempt at backing up empty phrases with facts…..keep your opinions, I am interested, but facts please.

    I like that you have strong opinions–I do too. But I can back up my strong opinions with facts. I welcome intelligent discussion with people who see the world so differently from me. I know by writing that last sentence I run the risk of having you simply write me off as naive or something worse (cause I see the world differently from you). I am many things–good, bad & in between-naive is not one of my traits.

    I like that you seem to think that you do not engage in inflammatory statements. But you do. Come on, Putin restoring Russia to her glorious past? Perhaps you can read, or reread, The Bill Of Rights and tell me how Putin looks through that lens. President Obama destroying America? Facts please. I have strong opinions on George Bush -43 and can write pages & pages with facts, facts, facts.

    When someone asks for feedback and/or comments, I always take the time to share. I would love to read something from you that is fact based. Perhaps I am naive but I would be very interested in reading your strong opinions that are supported by strong facts.


    • Thank you so much for the criticism. Your comments are what I need to make myself a better writer. I will take it to heart and I made a new page that I would like you to read and critique. Again thanks for the comments, we all need those to keep ourselves honest and on the right path.


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