12′Oclock Boys; The Ghetto on two wheels





Watching this video about a gang of street thugs called the 12O’Clock Boys on illegal dirt bikes terrorizing the streets of Baltimore only saddens me more about the decline of the American culture. The “boys”, more like older teens and men ride around the streets of Baltimore in large groups popping wheelies, racing between traffic, on sidewalks and anywhere else they please for what they call “fun and to show off their skills. But actually they are more or less breaking the law as for one these bikes are illegal to ride on the streets of their city, second as seen in the video they have no disregard for the safety and well-being of those around them, and third no respect for themselves.

Growing up in the Poconos Pa. many of us had dirt bikes and rode, off the streets on trails in the abandoned coal mining areas. We knew that our bikes were illegal to ride on the streets, and yes many of us rode them from our garages a few blocks to get to the trails but we stayed off the streets. Our view of having fun and showing off was riding through the trails with our buddies, jumping small dunes, and having a good time. We never harmed, or terrorized anyone and respect the police as well.

But these 12 O’Clock Boys are nothing but urban street hoods having fun as they see fun, breaking the law and risking the lives of innocent bystanders and themselves. The kicker is as you watch the video these “boys’ do not believe they are doing anything wrong? In Fact they believe that what they are doing is better than slinging drugs and committing robberies and murders. What they are is low-income thugs from the ghetto looking for another way to demean themselves and but another notch in the stereotyping of the African-American community. Even in this video and countless others bystanders from their neighborhoods look at them in awe and worship what they do. The next generation of children are already planning to get bikes of their own to join this ever-growing group.

For what I know this type of fun is just as bad as other crimes, potentially worse and unfortunately in the video the Baltimore Police are having a hard time catching these “heroes of the ghetto” with their patrol cars, maybe the City of Baltimore should buy a few dozen bikes themselves to be able to adequately catch these criminals and stop their terrorizing the streets.

Heroes of the Ghetto, more like letting American know what the ghetto is really like.

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There is a full length documentary called the “12 O’Clock Boys” by Lotfy Nathan a British-born filmmaker due in theaters and on VOD and Digital due to be released on January 14, 2014. You can go to their link by clicking below,


Here is an insert of the story I am referring to,

On the few occasions I did see them, they were gone in a flash. Like most others in my community, I didn’t know who or what they were. Maybe that wasn’t surprising: I was attending the Maryland Institute College of Art and living in Bolton Hill, an upper-middle-class white community that tries its best to isolate itself from the adjacent North Avenue, a low-income, African-American area.

For the full written story compliments of NYTimes.com click on the link below,


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