Megyn Kelly talks about Racist Oprah

Posted: November 22, 2013 in African-American, America, Media, Racism, Television
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The backlash over Oprah‘s racist remarks to the BBC about Mr Obama has been quiet for most of the mainstream media. Only Fox News has regularly covered Oprah’s anti-white rants on the air. Oprah Winfrey, a beloved talk show star and entertainer for over the past 25 years and creator of her OWN network is loved and adored by millions of Americans in this nation. Her shows that aired regularly from 1986 to 2011 made her one of the richest entertainers in the world. With a fortune amassing around 2.8 billion dollars.

The fans of this nation are the ones that helped her become the woman that she is, and the fans are the ones who regularly support her. But a majority of the fans support for Oprah came from white America as they threw their money to be in the audience of her show and follow her every work about diets, relationships and personal well-being. So in return for her success this is how she treats her white fans,

As America knows about Oprah when she was in England promoting her movie “The Butler” the comments she made about white Americas racism and that the negative treatment of Mr Obama is because he is Black. But what they do not know is that Oprah has a history of racist comments throughout her career and uses this race card to gain pity from supporters to help her career.

I hope that Oprah Winfrey will face the same kind of backlash that Paula Deen faced a few months ago. Most likely she will not primarily because she is black and as I said the mainstream media shuns away from these stories to protect their ratings.

Mrs Deen’s career was badly damaged and her line of products were immediately removed from retail establishments. Yet Miss Winfrey’s racial comments against whites not only received little media coverage but she was still given her Presidential Medal of Freedom by Mr Obama. This is ironic because if a white man-made racist comments such as Oprah previously has done Mr Obama would have stopped the ceremony. But not Oprah, not the woman who backed his 2008 and 2012 Campaign morally and financially.

Miss Winfrey should be shunned as others have for their racial comments. The times of double standards have to end.





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  2. Anonymous says:

    One more thing to add: Oprah did not make the forbes list of The Fifty Biggest Givers. Why? She takes her white American made money to Africa.


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