Oprah is a Racist idiot

Posted: November 16, 2013 in History, Hollywood, Obama, Politics, Racism, Society, Values
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Oprah a woman who made billions of dollars from her television show and other entrepreneurial investments mainly at the hands of white America in England promoting her film the Butler calls critics of Mr Obama disrespectful and that this disrespect is racially motivated because he is African-American.

What makes Oprah’s comment so outlandish and totally idiotic is that Mr Obama is half white and half black and was primarily raised by his white mother. This man was elected twice by the American voter and had an approval rating of 70 % when elected to office.

I may not be the best at math but I am guessing that this 70% was a mix of all races and not just the black community (though Oprah is so stupid to think that). His main supporters for both elections were white. He was voted by millions of white voters and even has a primarily white staff at the white house.

How is Oprah coming up with such stupid thoughts when herself benefited from white america and became a billionaire. I did not watch her show but when I had to glance at it I did not see an all black audience. I saw almost an entirely white audience. And if she hates white people so much why was she giving tens of thousands of dollars in gifts to her white audience?

I see this woman as desperate to gain publicity for her failing network and to get the British people out to see her movie. I hope I am right on that because if she is as racist as i think she is then the American people were duped in a great scam of a woman earning millions of American dollars.

Here is another stupid comment by Oprah below;

Why Oprah is becoming so anti White is something to think about. I am not saying that Oprah wasn’t racist during her whole career only taking roles in all black movies and making comments like these. But her racist personality has come out more than ever before. Her comments that racism won’t end until the racist die is hard to believe. I understand this is a touchy subject but wanting someone to die is appalling. If a white said that about blacks she would be in an uproar. But what about George Zimmerman? She was calling him a racist. But Oprah he is 30 and Latino so does that mean you want him to die, probably do.

All I can say to this ignorant woman is that the only true racism in this nation is by those crying racism t gain attention. If racism was so rampant in America we wouldn’t have prominent people like Denzel, Lebron James, Clarence Thomas, Tiger Woods, Al Sharpton, Mr Obama and you.

So where is it that blacks are repressed and victims of racism in 2013 America. I see it as Blacks have as much influence in this nation as whites do.

Oprah, I never really followed you but now I despise you for your ignorance and hope someday the stick would fall out of your ass because people like you are what makes America racist.

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