obama-zombies-zombies-political-poster-1272461262Watching Fox News the other day I had the unfortunate pleasure of watching Mr Obama blow more smoke of the asses of the American people about the failures of the website that is for registering Americans for Obama care. he spoke of glitches in the system, but never said directly how it would be fixed. All along there were about a dozen of supposedly successful Obama supporters that registered successfully for Obama care through the website. Though media outlets claim that only three of those individuals actually registered. They were there as props for Obama’s propaganda machine that has conned the American people since 2008.

What is even more unbelievable is that Mr Obama actually believes his programs are actually going to help Americans. Plus he has lied to the American people many times about “supposedly” not knowing about the IRS scandal, about the NSA spying on the American people and foreign leaders. He stated officially that his office was not aware of potential terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi Libya. He called most of these situations that faces his administration “A phony scandal” saying the GOP is making these issues look worse than they are.

But what about the four dead in Libya, or World leaders finding out the NSA spied on them, including a recent report that the German Presidents cell phone was tapped. I guess the IRS was not targeting political groups that were anti-Obama. I guess Mr Obama did not raise the deficit more in four years than every other President combined, or more than doubled those on Welfare. Or even took a bias stance in the Trayvon Martin shooting when a President is supposed to represent all the American people, not the ones that are the same skin color as him.benghazi-liars

Why am I speaking about those scandals and lies? Because even though there is real evidence of wrongdoing by the cronies of the Obama administration millions of Americans still believe that Mr Obama is still the savior of this nation and that he will bring the United States back to the glory days.


How naïve can these people be when there is conclusive evidence of many of these scandals? Videos, audio, reports, and testimony have been included as evidence of these scandals. And when Mr Obama made statements such as drawing a red line on Syria in 2012, then denying he made such a statement in 2013 even though there is video evidence proving he said that, but still people believe him and believe he was not lying.

Democratic Americans are in so much denial about Mr Obama doing anything wrong because deep down they want him to be a successful President,especially the first Black President. Yes I do believe race is a major issue on why there are so many supporters of Obama because he is the most successful black man in U.S. history. Many do believe that race is the motivation of millions of Americans not liking Mr Obama., and that the only reason he is hated is because of white America does not accept a Black President.

What is worse is many Obama junkies are claiming the GOP is purposely trying to sabotage the Obama care website. The Democratic Mayor of Elizabeth New Jersey is ridiculously claiming that the GOP is robot calling the affordable care website to show dismal results.

It is not about race, or about the political party he belongs to. This is about a man so hell-bent on destroying the very fabric of the American way of life and changing the way we live and interact in this nation. It is about forcing Americans to take a health care plan that does not work and is doomed to fail. About taking away our freedoms, such as free speech and the right to bear arms. And threatening our way of life and jobs in this nation by forcing Congress to allow 11 million (really more) Illegal Immigrants to live in this nation and have the right to become a citizen while they will drain our social services and deprive the citizens of this nation of the rights they deserve.

But through all of this millions of Americans still praise his work in this nation and believe he is helping this nation. They follow his every move and get angry when smart Americans criticize their President.

As earlier stated Mr Obama is conning these people into thinking he is a President that is helping the people. And this is fueling his ego to entitle him to harm this nation more. What that will be is scary to think of.

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    Why are people so loyal to Obama? Maybe they need brains


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