FeaturedImageThe more I learn about Obama Care the harder I laugh at it, then I cry.I was reading about a part of  the Obama care plan that caught my eye was the federal fine, I mean penalty a person receives if they opt out of this forced state-run health care plan. In 2014 a single person receives a $95.00 fine if they choose not to take insurance, and the amount for a family can pay an amount of $285.00. It gets funnier, by 2016 that amount raises to $695.00 and $2085.00 respectively. Really, a fine for not taking something you do not want. This is a classic case of Socialism in America.

Why would such a thing be implemented into this health care law? It is my life, my choice. If I do not want to pay for health insurance it is my Constitutional right not to take it. I have that freedom made possible by our founding fathers not to be forced into something I choose not to do. Remember learning about the Boston Tea Party. Didn’t these patriots rebel against Great Britain because the colonist disagreed with the tax policy of the British government. This iconic moment in our nations history was the beginning of our glorious revolution.

In reading this idiotic plan it also states that when I file my income taxes for 2014 I will be asked if I take health insurance. If the answer is no and I am single the IRS will automatically take $95.00 out of my refund. So this is saying that no matter what Mr Obama and his Socialist state gets money out of me in some way or another. My question how did something like this get passed? Why would our elected leaders of this nation carry out such a law that is similar to what we dome in Soviet Russia, or Nazi Germany?

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We used to live in a Democratic society where our freedoms were protected. This is why the immigrants came to America in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Most immigrants were fleeing their home countries because they wanted the freedoms America stood for. They were fleeing dictatorships, KIngs and Iron fist rulers to a nations where freedom actually meant something.

What happened to America where we have no rights to choose anymore? Better yet why are we letting this happen?

  1. Dave says:

    Man you couldn’t be more right, sad days that should be remedied ASAP


  2. I lately chanced on your periodical and are reading on. i presumed i’d depart my 1st comment. I don’t apprehend what to mention except that I actually have relished reading.


  3. Give the Doctors and obama care insurance companies extream information such as allergic reations; that might not be; but could be.
    Only Give the Obama Care Insurance people your name and the doctors also. Give nothing about your self; forcing them to chance treatment if you are injured.
    Don’t do check ups so they cancil you.
    Don’t tell them Important information about your self.
    Every time they ask you a question ask them if they ever sucked someone off.
    Tell them you dont want a person of sodom and gomorah that sucks on other peoples genitals working on you. Dont like people that suck on sewer pipes in the medical field. So answer the question before we proceed.
    Start beathing heavy to make them think you are not O.K.,
    Make them chance a malpractice Law suit./
    Get the doctor angry so he becomes medically liable for malpractice.
    Be totally inconsiderate so they dont want to treat you and do a half ass Job; so you can sew them and have your health care paid for.
    Ever watch fight club?
    Do you have what it takes to force there hand?
    They want to force so use there force against them.
    Fill out the Obama care application and If they ask you if you are diabetic tell them its none of there bussiness. Force Obama care to cancil you.
    Force your insurance company to cancil you then apply for obama care giving them no information so they wont insure you.
    Act like you are coughing and spit on the Insurance people and nurses; then apoligise. Dont tell them you are H.I.V. negative.
    Tell them you have been exposed to much radiation this year; and dont tell them where or why; as you ask them if they are familar with REM and yearly anual maximum Dose; as you think about how much you have been on the cell phone; and around 2.4 GHZ wireless and microwaves and that you.
    If you are on Obama Care when you get injured at work tell no one if you can then get treated and refuse to tell them how you got injured and Just fix it.
    The Government, Insurance companies, Banks and loan managers; bussiness auto will use against you anything they can get from this Obama care program; the banks will not loan money if they know you have a medical issue read bank of america credit disclosure.


  4. Jesus dose not play around; Jesus said to a man walk with me; the man replyed I must bury my Father today; Jesus replyed ; Let the dead Bury the dead. The Man Only had to tell him once and Jesus was gone Gone.
    Jesus Said Have I not chosen 12 of you and one of you is a devil.
    The devils accused Jesus of tormenting them before there time.
    Other Devils Told Jesus if he cast them out to cast them in to the swine ( Have sex with promiscuous females= going into swine ) and the swine went crazy and Killed them selfs the (females went insane alheismers crazy )


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