Growing up this meant something to me as I recited this with my right hand over my heart in school. I was proud to be an American as I learned from my teachers about the history of our nation and the men and women who helped make it. Including the Military men and women who fought and died to honor it. Remembering when American pride was throughout this nation and our President was for the people, not for himself.

Now I have read in Massachusetts an anonymous Atheist family is suing the state because students recite the pledge and the phrase “under God” is in the pledge claiming it is prayer in the classroom and it  violated the Constitution’s separation of church and state. It also states it discriminates Atheist and makes them seem as unpatriotic.

Laws since 1943 state that it is illegal to force a child to recite the pledge of allegiance. If that child does not want to be forced into reciting the pledge then he or she does not have to. A question arises though about this and other cases. The plaintiffs, who are Atheist claim they cannot be forced to recite the pledge. But is that the child’s belief as well? I mean they claim they cannot be forced into something, so why force their child not to say it. Maybe their child does want to recite the pledge. I use this example that part of my family is Catholic. Does that mean I have to be? I was in the Marines, does that mean my sons have to be as well. What I am trying to say here is if the parents wanted to be protected under the Constitution like the rest of us and have their rights respected, then respect others rights and decisions to recite the pledge instead of “forcing” people to not recite the pledge. If their child decides to leave the classroom when it’s recited then it is their child’s choice, not the parents of anyone elses.

We need to stand up stop people like this from trying to destroy a part of our American heritage. Our forefathers created this nation to protect people like this family and give them the lives they desire and deserve. While I support the 1st Amendment and those who honor and understand its true meaning. I believe this family has a right to use it as well. I do not support those who want to change the things our nations stands for. Those passionate about their cause will use their voice and speak loudly to support it. Those who stay in the sideline and quietly voice their discontent receive nothing and be left with nothing until they stand up and say enough.


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